Press release by the No Border Berlin preparation group on the 30th September 2012

reclaim society involvement in and the appropriation attempts of the No Border Berlin 2013 Camp preparation for group identity purposes

The NBB reloaded blog ( is the new blog for the preparation meeting network to continue the initial work of the NBC Berlin without group identity. The NBB preparation has been going on for several months now. Activists of reclaim society have temporarily, in a subtle way, managed to project the No Border Berlin group as part of reclaim society organization; mainly to promote their own egoistic group identity purposes while at the same time strategically hiding behind No Border Berlin preparation structures.

Part of their strategy has been to cunningly take control over the former NBB Blog-Website (, as well as the former official email contact (noborderberlin [at], nobordercampberlin2013 [at] and the former official mailing list (nobordercampberlin2013andbeyond [at] At the same time the participation of other groups and individuals in the preparation was temporarily blocked by making the preparation seem to be inseparably linked to reclaim society. This, for instance, happened through withholding of information and the masking of facts relevant to the No Border preparation which eventually even led to other No Border activists being perceived as part of reclaim society when they were actually not.

The NBB reloaded website is hosted to organize and prepare the NBB 2013 Camp. The camp preparation has as main interest the mobilizing of asylum Heim activists for them to be part of the preparation of the No Border Camp Berlin 2013, in the form of autonomous Heim initiatives of Berlin.

Calls for participation are currently in preparation and will be released soon.